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Happy New Year!

Well, I’ve decided to do it.  With the start of the new year, I am starting a new blog.  We’re in a new house.  We have a new dog.  And we’re having a new baby.  I don’t want to forget all of this “new”. 

I am hoping this blog will not only document the roller coaster that will be 2011, but also allow our friends and families to enjoy the ride with us.  Why call it Dishes ‘n’ Diapers?  I understand the concept of those two things together is a bit disgusting, yet, I’m pretty sure this new year will be filled with both.   Dishes…because I love to cook.  Experimenting in the kitchen is pretty much my only hobby, and thank God, my husband, Josh, loves to eat. 

Diapers…  while our baby is still “in the oven” I have been told that they go through a lot of diapers.  And if he is anything like his father, I’m sure we’ll be dealing with our fair share of them.  (Hence the Josh loves to eat comment.)

I’ll keep this first post short and sweet, as I am already planning the next one.  I will return with delicious food, and baby updates. 

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