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I’m sorry I’ve been completely MIA for awhile… life threw us a few twists and turns (all good ones) but they kept me quite occupied! 

My husband received a fantastic job offer in our hometown that we absolutely couldn’t turn down.  We were very young when we got married–20 years old– and the Army moved us to another state where we knew no one.  For the last six years we’ve been off on our own, with occasional visits home to see family and friends.  We’ve always said we wanted to move back before we started a family, so this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time!  Albeit, moving at 34 weeks pregnant was no easy task, but it was definitely worth it!

We bought a new house, packed up the pets and in a matter of weeks have made the move, started the new job, completely “re-fell” in love with our hometown, and are ready for this sweet baby boy to make his debut! 

I promise to update again soon with pictures of the house, and a bit more of what’s going on.  There will probably be a bit more “diaper” talk coming, but I definitely plan to throw a few “dishes” in there as well!


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